P1 meets your unique and individual needs.

P1 services top ranked US and international players representing over 50 countries worldwide. P1 focuses on each player's racquet and stringing to provide optimal performance. We meet the unique and individual needs of each and every client with a wealth of knowledge and consistency unmatched in the industry. We can meet your needs too. Here's How.

Gold Level

This service is for the established touring professional. For an annual fee, Priority One will fully customize all racquet requirements for that year. In addition, Priority One will perform the stringing and gripping requirements for the player at all the Grand Slam and Masters Series events.

Silver Level

This service is for a variety of players, from the serious amateur to the established professional. For a set fee, Priority One will fully customize 30 racquets for a player with no expiration date. This level of customization includes making and using a dedicated handle mold to achieve your exact handle specifications. After perfecting your grip, Priority One will customize each racquet to a set weight, balance, and swingweight.

Bronze Level

For those players who don't wish to have a dedicated handle mold made, Priority One will customize racquets to a set weight, balance, and swingweight. This work can include gripping the racquets with whatever grip the player chooses. Prices for this level of service are dictated by the amount of work necessary to complete your racquets.